Model of Nature, Goethe’s Model

2015, XL Gallery, Moscow

Model of Nature, Goethe’s Model is an installation that collides in a spatial embodiment different methods of studying nature.

The first method refers to the artist's long-term project, the "Forest Journal," which tries to answer the question "What is nature?" through observations, natural philosophical reflections, and artistic intuitions. The natural phenomena depicted in this project become the narrative of the installation.

The second method is Goethe's natural-scientific epistemology, the so-called "cautious empiricism". This monistic concept of a direct connection between the observer and the observed phenomenon is manifested in the installation through the choice of materials and techniques and in the model in total.

The third method is Darcy Thompson's mathematical interpretation of biological morphology. His ideas turned out to be vital when it was necessary to unfold the narrative and matter of the first two approaches in space.

Despite the vast difference in scale and position, these methods of studying nature stand the test of space, collisions of matter, and human experience.

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