2013, Moscow Zoological Museum, supported by Gallery 21

Azoic is a period in the history of the Earth when the living, machine, and cultural have not yet disintegrated into separate modes of existence. This fusion point must be re-specified in modern reality. The task is to compile a list of non-humans, chimeras, and monsters who once inhabited our world first and are now returning to it.

There are two ways to find these creatures.

The first is isolation from the structure of everyday reality. Azoic is a watering vehicle and its operator serving a flower bed. The population explosion of river midges, blocking the work of night shops within the entire district. Parkour guys in a box of an unfinished hospital building.

The second way is to imagine and design these creatures. As a result, there are Azoids — fictional species, chimera-ancestors, schemes of life forms.

These two approaches are merged in the exposition project. Azoic is the Museum of the found and fictional chimeras. It is a field research report, artistic reconstruction, and insights coming from material analysis.

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